Simple. Safe.

Built with collaboration at its core, Aura integrates with your existing CRM and databases in days (not weeks) using proprietary, blockchain technology to trace individual attendee data from point-of-purchase through event day and beyond—regardless of where fans buy their tickets.


Fan Buys Ticket

Sports organizations assign tickets to fans.


Transfer & Resell

Fans can buy, sell, or gift tickets on their preferred marketplace.


Blockchain is Updated

Digital ledger is updated with ticket buyer’s info on all platforms.


Fan Attends Game

Team delivers a personalized experience for fan on game day.


Smarter Data

Team captures data from the fan who actually attended the game.

Unique, Verified Purchaser Data…

As fans opt-in to an Aura-integrated platform, they are assigned a globally unique identifier that allows affinity and purchase data to be pooled across organizational lines and blended into a rich understanding of each fan that enhances the experience and increases repeat attendance.  This information lives in a cryptographically secure ledger to prevent ticket fraud while remaining assigned to you ensuring your customer information remains yours.


…On a Trusted, Transparent Platform

Fans maintain ownership of their data, allowing for stadiums to gain a deeper understanding of attendee wants and needs while maintaining consumer confidence and privacy.

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