Case Study:

Sacramento State

Part 1

The Situation

The Sacramento State Athletic Department had limited information about who was attending their baseball games. Tickets were sold offline and customers were not required to provide contact information that would supply Sacramento State with unique data of their attendees.

Part 2

The Goal

Bandwagon’s goal was to support the athletic department through the use of Aura’s world-class technology by collecting information from fans that were attending games and synthesizing the information into demographic and affinity insights.

Part 3

Our Approach

Tie Purchases

We tracked manual and digital sign-ups and physical membership cards linked to purchases through concession point-of-sale. This allowed Sacramento State to reward members for repeat purchases through loyalty point redemptions.


Since students are early adopters whose opinions shape the structure of a Loyalty Program, Bandwagon created an activity-based incentive system that rewarded students each time they attended a game. By partnering with local restaurants and businesses in Sacramento, we ensured incentives were aligned with student interests. We then held raffles for each game, and season-wide, to encourage new sign-ups.

Part 4

The Results

Through Aura’s technology, Bandwagon captured 48% of identity information of fans who attended the game. This gave Sacramento State the advantage of knowing their fans to personalize future game day experiences.