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Live events are at risk. The industry struggles to provide the unique experiences and freedoms fans crave—no matter their section and seat. Though entertainment options are increasing, the industry struggles with siloed data and services leaving fans seeing less value in the stadium experience. As a result, attendance at live events is dropping.

Aura’s world-class technology connects the dots by following the ticket holder from purchase to event day, even if that ticket is resold and purchased. The attendee’s unique qualities and preferences can be identified, synthesized and realized in-venue.

Valid Tickets

Traceable ticketing confirms that a ticket purchased with Aura, wherever a fan chooses to buy, will get them through the gate.

Powerful Analytics

Attendee data from ticket checkout through event day is pooled and combined with affinity data to create a rich understanding of each fan while protecting personal privacy.

Personalized Experiences

Make guests feel seen and heard with a level of personalization-at-scale that maximizes revenue and encourages return visits.

In Good

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Aura connects the dots between key, live event stakeholders while creating the whole picture of each attendee, regardless of their seat—allowing for unforgettable moments, premier service, and lifelong fans.

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